'The ANGEL Initiation'


Principal of The International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists (Est. 1986)

As principal of the International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists (IACHT), Hazel travels extensivly, to give seminars and training on many aspects of healing. She has appeared on television, radio, and in the press discussing the different merits of Crystal Healing, Angelic Healing, Pyramid Healing, and Nature Spirits. Hazel has been actively involved in setting the UK National Training Standards for Crystal Therapists. In addition to her work for the IACHT, Hazel has helped many people, both in the UK and abroad, to find a greater understanding of themselves and their own unique place within the 'Great Mystery' . Hazel has been born with the 'Gift' of Angelic knowledge and has a unique ability to understand the larger picture. These workshops are designed to be an on- going growth process of personal empowerment, divine love and oneness leading to the integration of the one heart.

The intuition of astral beings pierces through the veil and observes human activities on earth, but man cannot view the astral world unless his sixth sense is somewhat developed. Thousands of earth dwellers have momentarily glimpsed an astral being or an astral world . Paramahansa Yogananda in "Autobiography of a Yogi."

The ' Angel Initiation' will include the following information:-

* Angel Initiation

* Attunement to your own guardian Angel

* Attunement using Sound, Visualisation and Symbols

* Angel Gem elixirs, Aura sprays and Creams

* Exploring the healing power of Angels


Hazel Raven, ANGEL, P.O. Box 344, MANCHESTER ,M60 2EZ

Admission only by prior booking. Please wear only white or light coloured clothes.




ANGEL, P.O. Box 344, MANCHESTER , M60 2EZ.